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About Manzoomeh Negaran

Manzomenagaran Company (137712) was established in February 2016 by Hamidreza Medarman Mehr and almost from the first years of its existence, the establishment of Internet businesses has become the most important interest of this group.,, and many other sites have been created since the first 5 years of this company's launch. This energetic and stormy beginning in the first years of the Internet's arrival in the country has provided the honor of the presence and cooperation of professors and stars in the name of the Internet industry. We always consider our success today dependent on the cooperation, love and ethics of all the dear ones of the system from the beginning until today.

Big businesses +25
Solutions +10
Projects +450
Customers +150

today and now

Currently, Manzomenagaran company is focusing on developing cloud services for its customers. The fact that in the next 5 years, 80% of the software used by organizations will be in the cloud, it has greatly affected our investment and the path of development and growth. Fortunately, this change in direction has created an opportunity for prosperity for all stakeholders.

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