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Providing cloud solutions compatible with local businesses, based on twenty years of experience and specialized cooperation with thousands of Iranian companies

Trust Login default-m-basiscore

Integration with Ecommerce

Awareness of the need of businesses to authenticate users and also the use of external services to create their loyalty led to the development of a platform called TrustLogin, which is now trusted by a large number of companies and users...

ERP default-m-basiscore

Comprehensive organizational resource management system

Development of basic tools in the organizational field such as schema, form builder, finance, human resources; Website, cloud space, corporate library and the like separately; It has provided the possibility of customizing them as a comprehensive system for many businesses. All you have to do is provide a correct assessment of the basic needs and vision of your organization, and our colleagues will be by your side to deploy the software you need. .

BasisCore default-m-basiscore

Cloud services

Cloud service providers have prepared different methods for developing Cloud Base software; The unique method of the systematizer company to respond to this need is the BASIC COR language, this language is a script interface that provides users with values such as simplicity, ease of writing, easy training....

Statistics in Manzoomeh Negaran

Statistics and information show that in the last 20 years, Manzomenagaran company has attracted the most attention among medium and large companies looking for fundamental and modern changes. Electronic store integrated software; Reservation, ticketing, and finance have played the most important role for the migration of these businesses to the platform of Nezumnegaran group.

Large business +25
Solutions provided +10
Projects +450
Customers +150
Manzoomeh Negaran

Projects of Manzoomeh Negaran

All the startups of Manzome Negaran company are proudly developed with Basis Core language and cloud infrastructure of the system, these businesses are real examples of the ability and technical knowledge of our colleagues in different departments of the company and a real space to compare the options available in the technology market of the country. has provided You can have more complete information about specific system projects in the Startup Studio section.

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