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Big market of small bites

The fingerfood platform is an attractive market for hosting magnificent events. Reliable suppliers will prepare your order in a short time and send it to you on time. This startup was analyzed and designed by Manzomenagaran company and is one of the websites with the most traffic on the Basiscore platform.


Fingerfood for suppliers

Many reputable fingerfood suppliers tend to launch their own store website on the internet. One of the valuable features of this platform is providing a website to these loved ones.


Legal and official contracts

Since many of Fingerfood's customers have a legal identity, the possibility of entering into a contract for all kinds of legal and official payments has been seen in this startup.


High Quality

Monitoring the raw material procurement process, product and distribution, has made fingerfood customers have the same experience in all their purchases.


You can be one of the investors of fingerfood startup

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