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Watermark and copyright problem solving

The main engine of the site was developed by typescript and in order to use it as much as possible, the code of this product has been placed in the Git of the authors. Due to not sending images on the server side and implementing the watermark process, the user side of this project has very high security.

watermark features

Copyright and prevention of abuse

There are different tools for creating watermarks for images, but sometimes an online and fast tool is more useful than software like photoshop.


Watermark creation tool

If you want to create a watermark on your images very quickly, all the necessary tools are provided on the watermark site.


A view of the watermark

This site has the possibility of watermarking hundreds of images per minute. You can use all the features without paying any fees and even use the code and the main engine of this project on your websites in any way, if necessary, by mentioning the names of the programmers.


You can be one of the investors of Watermark startup

The purpose of launching this project was to solve the problem of the intellectual property of the images. If you want to complete this idea with more facilities, the management of the studio at Manzomenegaran company will warmly shake your hand.

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